Administrator Training and Resources

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MAX Administrator Training Courses

Setting up a Multi-Rater Session (15 minutes)

Setting up a Self-Perception Session (15 minutes)

Supporting Learners and Raters Course (15 minutes)

MAX User Support

Edit Name or Email Address

Resend a Username

Reset a Password

MAX Session Setup

Selecting Session Dates

Copy a Session

Whitelist Instructions

Enroll Learners Using an Excel Spreadsheet

Enroll Learners Without Email Addresses

Learner Enrollment Standard Version

Norm & Language Reference Lists

Adaptive Mindset for Agility Reference List

Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency Reference List

Behavioral EQ Reference List

SOCIAL STYLE V2 Managerial Reference List

SOCIAL STYLE V2 Sales Reference List

SOCIAL STYLE V2 Universal Reference List

SOCIAL STYLE V3 Universal Reference List

Sample System Emails

Sample Learner Invitation

Sample Rater Invitation

Sample Reminder Email

Sample Learner Invitation - Self-Study eLearning Session

Sample Report Generation Email to Learner

MAX Session Management

Move a Learner from One Session to Another

Remove a Learner from a Session

Remove a Rater from a Learner

Change or Reschedule a Session (with a new date)

Change or Reschedule a Session (without a date)

Download Session Reports for Administrators

Download Session Reports for Facilitators

Admin Manually Generate Profile Reports

Automatic Task Schedule

MAX Client Management

How to Use Transaction History

Transfer Pool Quantities Between Clients or Sub-Clients